In Australia we are lucky to have plenty of sunshine enabling us to spend lots of time outdoors. But being in the sun limelight1can take its toll over time, resulting in blotchy, sun-damaged skin and fine wrinkles. Over-exposure to sunlight destroys skin cells, slowing down the growth of new skin and the production of collagen. This causes thinning of the skin, resulting in coarse skin texture, wrinkling and irregular pigmentation. Variable pulsed light (VPL) Laser treatments not only help you look younger by lessening fine lines and freckles, but also can reduce thread veins, sun spots and broken capillaries, reduce pore size, and work wonders for redness and rosacea. VPL Laser rejuvenates the skin by encouraging collagen production, sometimes known as collagen remodelling. Unlike other kind of laser resurfacing treatments which can cause scarring, VPL Laser rejuvenation treatment is safe and non-invasive, and acts by inducing a healing response which improves the appearance of problematic skin conditions, without damaging the skin

  • Full face
  • Face & neck