• Skin tags removal
  • What is Skin Tag Removal?

Skin tags are small flesh-coloured or brown growths of skin, usually a few millimetres in size, and can be found on the face and body affecting both men and women.

How Skin Tag Removal works?.
This method is advanced Thermolysis, also known as Diathermy, which is an electrically induced heat. It involves the insertion of a fine sterile filament into the skin tag which cauterises the blood flow resulting in the skin tag falling away from the skin.
We numb the area prior to treatment so both methods are quick, safe, and virtually painless.
What areas can Skin Tag Removal treat?
Skin tags are predominantly found on the body but can also grow on the eyelids. All areas can successfully be treated and both methods can be used to remove skin tags from the following areas:

Necks,Under Arms
Under Breasts
Groin areIMG_2409